Therapy for Life has telehealth services available if you require appointments while in isolation, have a compromised immune system or would like to reduce your exposure risk. Telehealth is available for use with some Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management, Veterans’ Affairs, Return to Work SA and private clients. Some private health funds are reportedly allowing claims as of the start of April, but some have not yet allowed it; although this changes by the day and should be complete soon. We encourage you to check with your health fund if they have allowed telehealth rebates.

Soon we will have forms available for download from this site to fill in and return them by email. These will need to be received before your appointment can begin. If you have a referral, we will also require that before the session.

To take part in a telehealth appointment, you will need access to either a smart phone or a computer with camera and audio capabilities and internet access. To get the most out of a telehealth session, we recommend that you have a quiet space prepared before beginning the appointment. Please make sure that camera is able to see this space, including the floor and it has good lighting. You may be asked to perform some movements or exercises in this space. Please wear clothing that will allow us to see the movement as well as possible. Let us know if you are planning to use a smart phone or computer, as this will determine how we send you the session invite.

When you receive your session invite, open the link in a web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. The website will ask you to take a picture of yourself and to enter your name. On the next screen, it will present some terms and conditions with a checkbox at the bottom. Once this is complete, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room where the Physiotherapist can retrieve you from and begin the session.

Stay safe, Therapy for Life